Scruity of Waste and Recycling

Firstly, at yesterday evening’s Neighbourhood Services Scrutiny Board I was appointed its Chair. The board covers such a wide area of council services; parks,  waste and recycling, bereavement services, highways plus crime and disorder – to list just a few. I will regularly post issues that this board is dealing with and
here is a brief summary from last night – the board agenda can be found by visiting this link:

You will note that within the WASTE AND RECYCLING DELIVERING WASTE STRATEGY 2010-2020 reference was made to the collection of domestic household waste by some local authorities every two weeks – report link here:

The scrutiny board unanimously rejected two weekly collections of domestic household waste (non-recyclables) suggesting that more can be done to promote
home composting and highlighting the Love Food Hate Waste campaign. The board also wanted to know if local authorities that had a two weekly waste collection experienced more fly-tipping. This is an issue that councillors must address when considering waste/recycling. For the same reason members recommended Option 2 in the section relating to visits to the Bickenhill Waste and Recycling Centre (commonly know to all as ‘The Tip’. Council tax payers should not subsidise builders etc by allowing them to dump trade waste but by allowing large vehicles 12 permits a year this will allow householders to use the site when undergoing household work but also deter those firms that do abuse the facility. This should realise some £40,000 of savings to the council. We will
review the situation in 12 months.

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