Norton Lane, Tidbury Green

There has been an on-going issue about provision of a pedestrian footpath in Norton Lane, between the existing footpath and the garden centre for some time. During my election campaign I sought the views of residents who lived at that end of Norton Lane and delivered a short survey request to addresses between Rumbush Lane and the garden centre (approx 33 houses). From 13 responses all but one stated quite clearly the need for a footpath. Council officers undertook a survey of users of this section of the road last autumn and reported back to your councillors that there was not enough pedestrian usage to prove the cost of a footpath and recommended a ‘pedestrian warning’ sign be placed on the section of road without a footpath.

I have delivered a letter to all addresses in Norton Lane, continuing up to Lowbrook Lane this time Norton Lane June 2011 (copy letter attached) seeking the views of residents for what may be a compromise. We should never ever compromise over road safety but there is the question about where would we stop – for instance, would we need to create a footpath for every grassed verge in the countryside. However, the proximity of the garden centre and Earlswood Lakes makes this section of Norton Lane a bit different from other country roads. I am to meet with the council’s highway officers on site but would value residents thoughts on the following;

  • The speed limit changes from 30 mph to 50 mph as soon as the tarmac footpath end, should the speed restriction be extended as far as the garden centre, or indeed up to the lakes?
  • Would a pedestrian warning sign be useful?
  • Would increases ‘scything’ of the grass verge make it easier for walkers?

Please feel free to make comments here.

One thought on “Norton Lane, Tidbury Green

  1. Hi Ken

    I would strongly support the pedestrian footpath. I live on Norton Lane and would like to walk to the garedn centre, the Lakes and Red Lion pub but would not attempt this currently due to the danger involved.

    I think this would be a good use of public money and not sure cutting the edges will help much particularly in the winter.

    Kind regards


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