Salter Street Gypsy Site – Planning Application

I have posted my submission to Solihull’s Planning Committee which will determine the retrospective planning application (2011/1020) refers – see link for application documents: My submission is via: Submission to Planning Committee regarding Application 2010

The application seeks to get approval for creating three more hardstanding areas for caravans, in addition to the three permitted by the planning committee when they heard a previous application in October 2010 (2010/1336): Here, the planning committee allowed the creation of three hardstanding areas in the green belt (in spite of representations from the MP and Councillors). One of the reasons for objecting to the application last October was a fear that more unauthorised development will take place – which has proven to be the case.

This application comes at a time when Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council is undertaking a borough wide consultation into the provision of site for Gypsies. You can access the consultation via this link: Gypsy and Traveller Site Allocations Development Plan Document Options Paper via

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