Another Planning Aplication – Shirley Golf Club

Residents of Cheswick Green, especially those residing in Creynolds Lane may be alarmed at another application by Shirley Golf Club to build homes on green belt farm land in Creynolds Lane and create alter the entrance to the club from the A34 Stratford Road to Creynolds Lane. Posts on this website can be found dated 30 June, 27 July and 16 August 2011 : please see these links to help guide you: , and .

The latest application is number 2013/1126 and the application can be found via this link: .


The main difference with this application is the reduced numbers of housing, with proposals for 57 this time. However, the fundamental reasons for me, as well as residents, in successfully opposing the application last time remain. These are; building on green belt land; Creynolds Lane is unsuitable for more traffic and an entrance to the golf club will make this section of the highway unsafe. In addition, this time there is one crucial reason – this site is not considered for development in Solihull’s Local Development Plan (LDP) for which the link is on previous posts. The LDP is likely to be signed off later this year by the Planning Inspectorate.

It must be stated the golf club does admirable work in delivering golf lessons to disabled children and those with special educational needs – I have seen this at work. However, although I can accept the building of the golf academy and driving range I do feel that building homes on the green belt farm land and creating an entrance to the club via Creynolds Lane are justifiable reasons to object to the planning application. I have delivered a letter to residents in Creynolds Lane this afternoon (template here: Residents of Creynolds Lane ) and provided details how to object to the application.

4 thoughts on “Another Planning Aplication – Shirley Golf Club

  1. I have written to solihull [planning dept in respect of Shirley Golf Clubs recent proposal for housing development and Golf academy.I feel the application is inappropriate and is most likely on green belt , a site which I understand has not been identified as suitable for housing developmment.I have mixed views regarding the academy understanding thre is an area already used for teaching school children. The countryside is in danger of rapidly being eroded by increasing housing developments and people such as yourselves should do all they can to protect it

  2. Sorry Councillor but you say your for the academy but against the housing, how does this work? It doesn’t matter to you because its not infront of our house, you would think differently if it was. But I read in the paper that all councillors voted in favour for the LDF so we can accept anything now, if this doesn’t get approved then we will have another one and another one. Then gipseas will get plots there!

  3. Hi Steve,

    Just wondering where about you live. As I look at the plans, the golf range and academy are on land the golf club uses at the present time; there is though a suspicion that some of ‘green belt’ land may be used for the academy. If you live on the Monkspath side of the A34 the range and academy (if built) will be wholly obscured by the bund and trees. However, although the main issue is building homes on green belt farm land off Creynolds Lane the issues about light and noise regarding the golf range are issues to be looked at.

    I just do not get your comment about gipsies moving in! Also, this land does not form part of the LDF. I hope this answers your comments.

  4. Ok thanks for your reply, If the suspicion is correct that the academy will be built on greenbuilt will you still help us oppose it? There was some rumours around the village that some were on their way from Salter street!

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