I have posted a planning application to build a dormer bungalow on greenbelt land in Houndsfield lane, Tidbury Green Planning Application Houndsfield Lane . The report by the councils planning officer recommended the members of the planning committee refuse the application, mainly because it the  site is greenbelt land. I submitted my representation, supporting the officers recommendations and this is here: Re Houndsfield Lane

I was particularly concerned that IF this application was successful then other greenbelt sites in the area could be subject to individual applications to build houses. I made a verbal representation at the planning committee meeting and stressed it is essential that IF any development is undertaken in Houndsfield Lane, or any other are in Tidbury Green then it has to be done in strategic manner and not piecemeal. Thankfully most members of the planning committee agreed and the application was refused.

The unusual aspect of this story is that, at short notice, I was asked to substitute at the meeting for Cllr Jeff Potts, who was unable to attend. Because I had already submitted my representation this meant I had to leave my seat and speak at the place designated for guest speakers. I was also not allowed to remain in the room whilst members discussed and voted on the issue.


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