Medium Term Financial Strategy – Solihull

Please find here the link to the borough’s Medium Term Financial Plan 2014 – 2017. Budget_book_2014-15_-_2016-17

The plan allows for a transparent plan as to how Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council will set out its income and spending over the next three years.  For instance, based on projected income council tax is forecast to rise 2% next year and the following year; the first for three years (or is it four?)

The Council’s response to the economic challenges  is based on four key pillars:

a. Aligning resources to key service priorities

b. Improving efficiency and value for money

c. Exploiting shared service and partnership opportunities

d. Identifying and optimising income opportunities

It is interesting that Solihull continues to derive most of its finance via  council tax whilst neighbouring boroughs receive most via the government’s Revenue Support Grant (RSG).  The graph on page 7 clearly shows how each authority gets its funding.

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