Solihull Business Park, Monkspath Hall Rd/Highlands Rd

As you will read from the previous posts (4th and 6th June) , the history of the site shows land was designated for commercial/business use from 1979.

At yesterday evenings planning committee members deferred a decisions on the application for a change of use, from (essentially) warehouse and distribution, to allow industrial use.

I have created another video to highlight the current state of the local nature reserve – at the top end of Hillfield local nature Reserve (towards Stratford Road). It must be mentioned the noise is from construction of the site, but with vehicle movements and other use more/different noise may occur.

One of the main reasons for creating this video was to highlight the issue, but also to show senior officers at Solihull Council the extent of the problem. Whether V Installations get permission to use the one plot for industrial use will not alter the fact that extensive screening of this area must take place.


One thought on “Solihull Business Park, Monkspath Hall Rd/Highlands Rd

  1. Last couple of evenings the warehouse backing on to monkspath hall road the noise in to the early hours , is dreadful they obviously painting floors and the fumes coming off made us feel very ill, last couple of days the banging of sheets etc and drilling,it’s got to stop we had enough, if solihull council allow this company to open up here, it will ruin peoples lives us mainly living in thornton road I do not wish industrial use granted on my doorstep

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