Monkspath Hall Rd at Thornton Road – Road resurfacing?

Thornton Road, Frankholmes Drive and part of Monkspath Hall Road were subject to a bit of patching of the road surface yesterday. This was undertaken by Ringway, the former highways maintenance partners of SMBC. They had resurfaced Frankholmes Drive and Thornton Road just over 18 months ago (on a wet and cold November day) and we have had problems ever since and much remedial work has had to be  undertaken.

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Yesterdays work was done by Ringway, even though they ceased to be SMBC highway contractors since last April. It was done at their expense and the idea was to repair sections which had worn because of a (shall we say) a failure of the surface in certain parts.

However, although the work was done yesterday, it rained heavily this morning and whilst I was out in the ward I came across a section of the re-surfaced part, on Monskpath Hall Road at Thornton Road, and two pools of water were evident, a few hours after any rain. These pools must have been larger after rain and will cause problems when the winter months return. I will report this on Monday and seek immediate action to ensure the road surface at this location is levelled out so that pools do not turn into ice patches in winter.

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