Hillfield Local Nature Reserve, Monkspath

I was walking along the brook, running from the lake towards Highlands Road the other day. I had noticed a reduced flow of water and came across some sort of dam. I think this is ‘man made’ and not the result of otters, especially as some metal fencing (as used by the developers on the new site nearby) was in the debris as well. I took a few photographs, as you can see:

As you can see, the ‘dam’ has created a stagnant pool of water which will not help the cleanliness of the water in the lake. I also wonder if any debris from the new development is actually polluting the lake itself. One resident of Devitts Close telephoned me yesterday to report the lack of breeding by ducks on the lake this year.

I have taken the following action:

  1. Reported the debris to the council’s planning and developmentĀ  enforcement officers to see if the debris did come from the new development and take action to clear it up.
  2. Reported the issue to the council’s parks department who can look to see if there has been any contamination from this debris.

I am not saying the new development has caused this debris and pollution but I don’t think I need to look much further afield.

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