Houndsfield Lane – Appeal dismissed

Its nice to be able to inform readers of good news on the planning front.

An application to build a house on green belt land in Houndsfield Lane, Tidbury Green was refused by Solihull’s planning committee, despite representation by a former town planner and Blythe ward councillor addressing the committee to urge development on this green belt site. The applicant naturally went to appeal but I am pleased to state the appeal was refused by the Planning Inspectorate – decision letter here: Houndsfield Decision letter

It is galling that one of my fellow ward councillors is criticising the council because of the judicial review of the LDP yet is most willing to speak on behalf of a former Solihull town planner and a developer to build a home on green belt land. A previous post regarding this application can be found here: https://cllrkenhawkins.co.uk/2014/04/28/planning-appeal-houndsfield-lane/

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