Planning Appeal – Houndsfield Lane

An application to build a dormer bungalow on green belt land opposite no. 26 Houndsfield Lane, Tidbury Green went before the planning committee  in September last year. A previous post on this issue can be viewed via this link:

The application would not normally have come before the planning committee but was requested to do so, on behalf of the agent for the developer, by Mrs Brown, a ward councillor – who also supported the development of this green belt site.  It is also a shame this same councillor sought to criticise Tidbury Green Parish Council in her written support for the application. I objected to the application when it went before the planning committee and the application  was subsequently refused. The agents gave notification of an appeal and my formal letter of objection is posted here: Houndsfield Lane objection

I feel it is vital that IF any development takes place then it is structured and sustainable. It also has to take into consideration the consequences that any precedence may set. Ad-hoc development in the green belt must be avoided.

3 thoughts on “Planning Appeal – Houndsfield Lane

  1. I voted for Cllr Brown and am glad I did, she has done more than you and your Tory colleagues in a year than you will ever do. The fact you put on your twitter “I try to avoid political dogma, wherever it comes from” means your contradicting your own statement. typical Tory a liar and someone who goes back on their words!

  2. Well, I am pleased you obviously follow what I state on twitter and via this website – at least it gives you the opportunity to make comment. It is a shame many other councillors don’t do the same, including your Mrs Brown. We live in a democracy and if you feel a councillor, who compares someone in crisis and threatening to throw themselves off a motorway bridge as ‘having a paddy and should be tasered by the police’ then that is your prerogative.

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