Parking Shelly Crescent, Monkspath

It is the intention of the council’s highways department to consult this autumn with residents and Monkspath Junior & Infant School regarding parking in Shelly Crescent.

What has become apparent in recent years is the increased parking on Shelly Crescent, especially at the junctions with the roads off it. There have been many complaints to the council, councillors and the school about vehicles parked ion the junctions and half on the pavements. This is naturally a serious safety issue, especially for young children and their families en route to and from school.

Ward councillors were briefed on the issue a few months ago and are in favour of the consultation, which will seek residents views on the placement of double yellow lines within the junction areas in Shelly Crescent. It is not proposed to have any other restrictions – the focus is the junctions to ensure safety of pedestrians and vehicles.

As a long term resident of Monkspath I have seen the school grow, indeed I have been a school governor at the school for over 23 years. I want to ensure the safety of our young children but also ensure people can park their cars in a safe area. There has been an increase in the numbers of children attending the school who live outside Solihull, not just out of the catchment area, this is one of the main reasons for the increased vehicles parking near the school. Data suggests more than 20% of children come from outside of Monkspath to the school. I will wish to see how any displacement is accommodated.

If you have any concerns about the proposed consultation please feel free to add your comments here or email me.

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