Following many complaints concerning nuisance and inconsiderate parking, particularly near the various junctions on Shelly Crescent, Monkspath the council’s highway officers have drawn up a proposal to make the junctions safer for all users of Shelly Crescent and the side roads – both vehicular and pedestrian.

The practice of parking on the road, sometimes pavements, actually in the junctions has continued despite letters to parents from the school, where I have been a governor for 24 years. The latest newsletter to parents repeats calls for considerate parking to ensure safety for our children. In brief, the existing white lines were only advisory and the new double yellow lines will ensure greater respect – we need to ensure that enforcement will follow.

I have attached the plan drawing from officers, which I received just minutes ago shelly crescent 01 . Local residents living near to the junctions will off course be consulted but  the response I had from residents following a letter I sent a few months advising them of what was to be proposed brought widespread support. I have yet to formally respond to the officers but at first sight the proposals are sound. It is a shame we have to control the issue through regulations but I feel the response by highway officers is appropriate – what do you think?

8 thoughts on “SHELLY CRESCENT, MONKSPATH – Parking issues

  1. Ken , I thoght theres was going to be a public consultation about parking restrictions in Hay Lane, these proposals will only exacerbate the problems in Hay Lane and roads off.

    1. I would like to agree with Peter Malden’s response/assessment. At the key times of the day, it is hard enough as it is to get into/out of Oldberrow Close, Wynbrook Grove and along the stretch of Hay Lane that runs parallel to Monkspath Hall Road. Chances are that those displaced by the new arrangements won’t change their behaviour but will seek out other locations such as these streets.

  2. I would agree that the parking restriction proposals to put double yellow lines adjacent to junctions seem sound, however in my view so are the existing restrictions. As a resident affected by the inconsiderate (and in some cases dangerous) parking the problem is that there is no policing of said restrictions. At school times, day on day, there is virtually a 100% ignoring of those restrictions, I would hope double yellow lines would make people think twice but unless there is a policing presence and hence a deterrent to doing so I fear that putting double yellow lines in would simply amount to a waste of council tax payers money.

  3. Re the comments made by Peter and Rohan: I have sought clarification. The briefing I had earlier this year included the junctions off ‘old’ Hay Lane. They are obviously not part of Shelly Crescent but I feel they should be looked at as well. As you may know, I live just yards away.

    Re Kens comment: Enforcement is absolutely essential and will be one aspect of my response.

    Thank you for each of your comments.

  4. I also am a resident in Wynbrook Grove and I am very concerned as the parking problem on both corners of Wynbrook especially in bad weather is getting impossible some days you can’t get through until parents move their cars and when driving you can’t see the little children going in between all the parked cars it’s only time before there is an accident. Hay lane is a country lane if it was closer to Solihull centre it would have been dealt with by now as the roads are around Hillfield hall.
    Mrs M Fountain

  5. Thanks for the comment Madeline. I walk past your road most days and have sought the area to be considered in the consultation. I will report back when I get more information.

  6. The number one priority is safety of the children but many parents have to drive to drop/pick up children by car , where are they supposed to park ? The carpark by school is not big enough . The yellow lines will just move them on to the other side roads where the same problems will occur.

    1. Many thanks for the comment Adam. I appreciate there will be some displacement, but the new parking restrictions will displace the few that do park irresponsibly. The car park by the school is probably the biggest car park any school in the borough has but there is enough safe on-street parking in the area.

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