SHELLY CRESCENT AREA – parking consultation.

A quick follow-up to the previous post: I can confirm the area of Hay Lane near to Wynbrook Grove and Oldberrow Close will come under the area for consultation – the updated plan is attached. I welcome comments. shelly crescent 02

The main issues surround safer routes to school for pedestrians and clear lines of sight for car drivers as well. However, displacement is always an issue when considering parking restrictions and I make these initial comments:

In the Shelley Crescent area displacement should not cause too much of a problem. Most vehicle users do park sensibly but it is the few that is causing the problem; I would estimate only two or three vehicles at each junction. These should be easily accommodated in the roads of Shelley Crescent without causing problems.

In Hay Lane this is a different issue. There is usually more than 20/30 vehicles parked in the area – again, only a few at the junctions. The parking restrictions may displace vehicles from this area further along Hay Lane and into Wynbrook Grove and Oldberrow Close. If this is the price needed to ensure safety then this might be acceptable to local residents. However, I would value thoughts on the idea of having parking restrictions on just one side of the road in Hay Lane between Wynbrook Grove and the end of the cul-de-sac.

9 thoughts on “SHELLY CRESCENT AREA – parking consultation.

  1. Thanks Ken; the revised plan seems good. Your point about displacement parking into Oldberrow and Wynbrook is a fair one; as long as it is sensible parking it could be a reasonable price for the benefit of safer access and visibility at the junctions.

  2. Hi Ken, The plan for Hay Lane/Wynbrook Grove area is exactly what I have been thinking for a long time now as we don’t wish to stop people parking there at other times. I would however propose maybe linking those two areas on Hay lane (between Oldberrow and Wynbrook) as Wynbrook grove has also become a turning circle for much of the traffic (as well as there sometimes being 6 or 7 cars often double parked inside the grove as well) and I wonder if this might still be the case if people are allowed to park between. I’m sure you can understand that it is not only very frustrating to have to reverse back down Hay lane six times (on more than one occasion) just to get home but there is literally no chance of emergency vehicles being able to access the roads at these times, we have had seriously, terminally ill and elderly people living in the road in the past few years and despite making a formal complaint to the school no action was taken other than as you mentioned a letter was sent out.

  3. It’s good to see that the ‘School Run’ parking problem is being discussed and I agree that the road junctions should be made safer during the twice daily traffic jam in the Hay Lane area.
    My gut feeling is that the root cause of the problem is that Monkspath I and J School has adequate parking off Farmhouse Way but that this car park is always full during the working day, I can only assume that it is used by comuters. Wouldn’t it be better if the council put up signs limiting parking to no more than 3 hours, thereby making spaces available during the School Run periods. This would reduce some of the parking problems currently being experienced by residents.

  4. Is the car park outside the school actually specifically intended for the school though? seems a shame to punish those who work in the adjacent buildings when it may well then end up displacing them onto the surrounding roads for the whole day. What would have been ideal is if the land next to the car park had not been sold to housing developers and instead, a car park sufficient for the size of the school could have been built. There would have also been enough space for commuters and patients of the doctors surgery to boot.

    I wonder if Monkspath school would entertain the idea of perhaps utilising a small portion of their large playing field that is only really used in summer, to create a quick (supervised) drop off point, at least allowing the traffic to flow quickly.

  5. Thanks for the suggestion Dave but the car park is not owned by the school. It is probably the school with the largest nearby public car park and there have been issues with parking at school drop off/collection times almost since it was opened. What we experience is not much difference to many other areas near to schools in the borough.

    I can state with great certainty the governing body would not wish to go to the great expense of paying for a drop off point within the school grounds and experience where schools have a small drop off point tend to show they are not used so well because of congestion.

  6. Hi Ken, thanks for the update. I’m with Dave Busby on this issue. We need a ‘root cause’ solution and charging for extended stays at Farmhouse Way appears to be the best option. I accept the point in the other post that this would affect local business employees but a reasonable charge would not be unfair (most people have to pay a charge for parking at their place of work). John Ingram (Oldberrow resident)

  7. Hi Ken, I have noted the proposals for the parking restrictions in Hay Lane and have also viewed the plan. I fully appreciate that this is a necessity to safeguard both the children and the Crossing Warden who has been injured in the past. I do have concerns however about what impact this is going to have on residents who live further up Hay Lane. Many of these residents like myself have private driveways and there is, as a result, not much on street parking available. I am concerned that problems are going to arise in this area and I am also concerned that many inconsiderate drivers may well park on the grass verge opposite our houses which will certainly turn it into a mudbath and make it very unsightly. I would welcome your views on this please.
    Dave Walker

  8. Hi All, many thanks for your comments and sorry I have not responded on this site before now. Unfortunately I had a family bereavement and funeral at about the time of the posts so it got a littler bit pushed back.

    It does appear about 12 -15 cars are on the main car park from 8am in the morning. I have had this confirmed from school staff. I will monitor this myself and look to take photographs at different times of the day to ascertain and identify any regular vehicles parked. It should be easier now the offices above the shops are void but this is not the case.

    As I have stated before, there are increasing numbers of children coming to the school from outside Solihull. Here the school (and I am a governor) and the council needs to take more responsibility. The comments about displacement are well founded and I will monitor the situation. The verges on Hay Lane are super at this time of year and we do not want cars parked on them.

    I hope I have covered all comments. Please get back to me if I have missed anything.

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