SHELLY CRESCENT – parking consultation

My post dated 22 November 2014 highlighted the issues surrounding the consultation ( The consultation notices will be published later this week. I have copied the map of the area and the notice accompanying it: Shelly Crescent and Hay Lane Monkspath JI Sch Jan 2015 Prop Notice PLAN + Shelly Crescent and Hay Lane Monkspath JI Sch Jan 2015 Prop Notice

I am grateful for the consultation because of on-going issues regarding the dangerous and inconsiderate parking of vehicles at the junctions. I have received many emails and comments from previous posts/emails and will collate these in my formal response – which I will post on this website.

Please feel free to make your comments here or message me.

7 thoughts on “SHELLY CRESCENT – parking consultation

  1. Ken whilst I agree in principle with the parking restrictions at junction with Wynbrook and OldBerrow I think that it will be difficult to paint double yellow lines on one side of Hay Lane. This is because for the last 30 years of being a resident, Hay Lane has not had a decent kerb along most of one side. How do you paint yellow lines in Mud ?

    Resident Wynbrook Grove

  2. The proposed double yellow lines aren’t necessary, if the council enforced the current restrictions that align with the school opening hours there wouldn’t be a problem to fix. In the years the current restrictions have been in place I have seen a warden maybe twice.

  3. I tend to agree, what is needed is enforcement of the current restrictions (and the highway code), parents are arriving earlier to get space, I’ve not seen a police officer for months! Since the catchment area of the school as identified on the council online map is fairly small, where are all of these cars coming from? What is the schools’ response to the problem they create?

  4. Many thanks for the responses. I do appreciate them.

    The existing ‘white lines’ are not substantiated by any traffic regulation order (TRO). Therefore it is not illegal to park on them. Parking issues changed control from the police to local authorities in 2004 (or thereabouts) and, with case law, and other directives from central government, issuing tickets for parking on the pavement and at/near junctions became relaxed. It was very subjective as to whether a vehicle caused an obstruction or danger. Hence the eventual need for TRO’s.

    In relation to the school, where I have been a governor for the last 25 years; we send out regular newsletters asking for more considerate parking near the school. This is not just an issue here, it is an issue all over the borough and will be a focus of the Neighbourhoods Services Scrutiny Board (which I chair) at its meeting in June. Some 14% of primary school children attending Solihull schools come from outside Solihull, with another good percentage coming from outside catchment areas (as is the case at Monkspath).

    I hope this information clarifies a few things.

  5. I noticed today, 22nd January, that 2 cars were parked with 2 wheels on the grass verge of Elmbridge Drive. Both cars were being loaded with young school children. I think you are going to make things worse in adjoining roads. Elmbridge Drive is quite narow as it is. Also there will be a cost to maintain the verges.

  6. I see that signs have now gone up in Shelley Crescent warning of the proposed changes to parking. How long will it be before Elmbridge Drive becomes blocked by cars?

  7. Many thanks for these extra comments. I do not foresee too much in the way of displaced parking. The issue is to stop the inconsiderate, sometimes dangerous, parking at the junctions and to allow pedestrians and drivers a clear view. Already the junctions are becoming almost blocked and if no action is taken the this will remain the case. in brief, the white lines, which was hoped to address inconsiderate parking, will be replaced by yellow lines.

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