More commonly known as Monkspath Park, the main car park of the local nature reserve (off Monkspath Hall Road) saw as many as 10 to 12 traveller caravans, as well as associated vehicles, parked on the whole of the car park area this morning. caravans with associated vehicles. Their presence has been reported and the Council officers are undertaking the procedure to get them evicted from the site. They are only a few yards from the children play area.

Please take care: I took these pics and was then chased off by a man driving a white van. I have not identified any person in particular and took a photograph of the car park area to show as evidence of the incursion.


  1. Thank you for the update. I wonder how they managed to gain access in to the carpark when there is a bar restricting the height of vehicles entering the park, was this damaged to allow entry?

  2. It does appear the bolts were severed to secure entry. I am calling for a (joined up) meeting with the local council and police to examine how we can deal with such trespasses more effectively.

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