Its great to be back doing the real work now the election is over (will post a bit more about that later this weekend).

One of the first tasks is to try and right what I think is a wrong. The new buildings on Monkspath hall Road/Highlands Road, known as Solihull Business Park, are said to have been built to the correct conditions. However, I and many others are unhappy with the amount of screening – as the photograph below shows. I am therefore supporting a petition to be presented to Solihull MBC to cause more effective screening of the new buildings from the parkland. Such screening will help screen the buildings and help reduce noise and light pollution, as well as helping the local habitat. Please reply or email me if you wish your name to be shown on the petition. PETITION TO SOLIHULL METOPOLITAN BOROUGH COUNCIL

On-line petition via: https://www.change.org/p/solihull-metropolitan-borough-council-provide-effective-screening-of-the-new-buildings-on-solihull-business-park-monkspath-hall-road-to-screen-the-buildings-from-visitors-and-users-of-the-green-flag-hillfields-local-nature-reserve-and-nearby-resident?recruiter=304412357&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_facebook_responsive&utm_term=des-sm-google-custom_msg&fb_ref=Default

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