With other ward councillors I was invited to a briefing regarding Blythe Valley Business Park yesterday morning. Blythe Valley Business Park has been in existence for many years now but it appeared to stagnate a few years before the financial crash and the previous owners of the site (Liberty) published plans to regenerate the area with mixed use development (commercial and residential) and the new owners IM Properties intend to do the same. The site is shown within Solihull Local Plan (LDP) for both housing and commercial development. I did post an piece on the site in May 2014 following a consultation by the previous owners  and you may get a taste of what is likely to happen (this is not the final draft by any means): .

IM properties, working with Turley planning services, aim to submit a planning application around 4 to 6 months time. They bought the park out of receivership in December 2014 and will be launching a public consultation website in early June. The application is likely to centre on 700 residential dwelling, an extra care premises and some commercial property to create a sense of place for the site. Plans for a bus route and cycle path to and from nearby Cheswick Green are also planned.

Issues discussed yesterday include: not only protecting, but enhancing the country park; access/egress from the site; addressing concerns of Illshaw Heath Road residents – upholding commitments regarding utilities previous owners did not. The focus will be on quality.

I am informed that any development of residential/commercial property is over two years away, possibly 4 to 6 years for residential. However, that may change. The site is identified within the LDP for housing development but issues identified in the plan will need to be resolved.

Very early days yet but it essential there is communication and I will update you as soon as I here more.

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