Highway Works Programme 2015

SMBC Highway works planned programme for this financial year (2015-16) has been published and I have posted the document here: Programmes

For roads in Blythe ward the relevant pages are:CWay Micro and FWay Slurry Seal (via the tabs at the foot of the spread sheet).

The roads identified are seen as being a priority and does not mean no other roads/streets will be looked at during the year. Our Neighbourhood Officers have the task if undertaking regular highways inspections to ensure roads are safe.

2 thoughts on “Highway Works Programme 2015

  1. Hi Ken

    Is Norton Lane (Earlswood/Tidbury Green) earmarked for a complete resurface as its in a bad state of repair?

    It would also be a good time to put the path in to the lakes so people don’t keep trying to walk on the road and putting their lives in danger. Is there any update on this further to the previous petition?

    Thanks for your help.


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  2. Norton Lane is not on the list but I will have someone look at it. I do have the speed issue on the agenda for the Neighbourhood Ward meeting next week. The footpath is not on the agenda due to cost and I have to be honest – I doubt it will be in the next few years.

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