Street Racers – Stratford Road, Monkspath

Residents near to the Tescos and Notcutts car park have endured a lot of hassle from cars and motor bikes using the car park at weekends for a meeting place and for some of their owners to use the Stratford Road and car park as some sort of race track. This last Bank Holiday weekend was a particular problem and I saw more than 100 vehicles on the car park when I drove past on Sunday evening – and I do know Notcutts did not have one of their Sage events at 9pm on a Sunday night.

I telephoned the police (via their 101 number) and was informed an incident log was already created and residents living nearby informed me via the local Facebook group that police were in the area. Reports of activity until the early hours resulted, with lots of speeding vehicles and the revving of engines. A similar event took place last night – again, with lots of disturbance for local residents. The images below indicate the level of hand-brake turns etc. all the marks are fresh:

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I am meeting local police this week to discuss the events of the weekend and am also raising a petition calling for action to be taken to stop this nuisance. I will post the link to the petition once created.

I have also written to both managers at Tescos and Notcutts seeking a meeting to discuss how they might be able to halt street racers coming onto their car park when the stores are closed: Manger Tesco

The petition has now been created and the link is here:

3 thoughts on “Street Racers – Stratford Road, Monkspath

  1. Hi

    I would like to join the petition re street racers and the use if tesco/notcutts car park but not sure how to… Please help.


  2. Same problem tonight, still looks like no policing, has been same for 10 years but getting worse. No traffic policing of Stratford Road in the evenings. If it could just be policed randomly once a month I think the problem could be solved.

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