Thankfully I feel the weather may have put paid to a larger turn out but there were several hundred young people congregated on Tesco’s car park yesterday evening, from about 7.30pm. Those attending said there were about 2,000 but I thought it more like 1,000. However, the noise and associated problems caused annoyance to local residents and people attending the petrol station. My last post regarding this issue can be found by scrolling down to 19 July.

I start by stating there was no violence or threat of such. Yes, those attended may not have realised they were causing problems for local residents, but even though I want them to go away and leave us in peace I do not want to demonise them all. For instance, the owner of the vehicle making the very loud noises was sought out by PC Roberts (WMP) who asked him over to myself and local resident Alex Insley.  The lad was very apologetic and did not appreciate the inconvenience he and others were causing. I asked him where he was from and he told me he lives in Uttoxeter. Most who gather on the Tesco/Notcutts car park come from far and wide. I have posted a video highlighting the noise here:

The police were in attendance but with so few staff available on an August Bank Holiday Sunday they naturally held a watching and evidence gathering brief. What I did notice was the amount of people that went to the local petrol station and nearby McDonalds for refreshments/toilets. It is not inconceivable to ask that these premises are closed when such gatherings occur in future.

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My petition is before the council and I know the only sustainable measure for the borough is to join with Birmingham City Council to ban these sort of gatherings in Solihull and Birmingham. It seems the rest of the West Midlands authorities have a similar bye-law; this is probably why they come to Solihull and parts of Birmingham. Following meeting towards the end of this week I will update local residents and readers of this website.

I hope this post is usual to viewers.


  1. i don’t understand how you can name this report as a street racers meeting? You have witnessed a gathering of car enthusiasts. Yes they wear a uniform of track suits and hoodies. Yes they swear and smoke. But I have been all over the world to events like this and a lack of engagement with people is the real issue. I challenge you to spend time to further understand that these people wish no one any harm. They have one wish, to be left alone to enjoy their cars and their lifestyle. It’s not for you and that’s ok. You have your own set of priorities for your spare time I’m sure? For these individuals the most important thing is to be different. The big danger is that there will always be some people operating on the fringe of this that really do not get it. For these few they have no place being considered as true enthusiasts.
    Please remember this when talking in public on this subject. If you do not then you are not representing the publics view.

  2. I’d just like to say before you go making accusations about street racers, this meet was held for a reason and the reason is very close to a lot of peoples hearts including myself so before you start causing chaos for no reason take a little time to be less judgemental and think about the reasoning behind this, tesco have already confirmed the damage was caused prior to us arriving the only reason they closed the main station shop is because it would have become over crouded, p.s I hope it is all correct spelling for you and if you’d like to get in contact with me feel free becauseonce you have a conversation with me you’ll have a whole different perspective on us well I’m not too sure about you but I’m sure the city will. We haven’t hurt anybody caused any trouble or anything like that so please remember not to be so judgmental against us just because you have some sort of grudge.

    1. There was racing along the Stratford Road for over an hour which is why I then decided to go & see whether there was a “meet” at tescos. What a surprise there was. When I arrived the noise was horrendous & I arrived just in time to see someone spinning round the car park & those leaving the site also raced past me. It may be the odd 20/30 vehicles but you need to manage your events better & if there is no racing why do you have spotters along the road? Don’t think incorrect info in the press is useful but there was racing even if not condoned by organisers.

  3. To be totally honest with the bloke who is complain may I ask u a question do u not like the means of helping other people that gathering was based on cancer and a lot of donnations where made so in the even of us helping to save people’s lives u have your head so far up your **** u fail to notice the main importance of the gathering

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