Some excellent news to report:

Weather permitting, work will start on 23 November to install two manual barriers at the top end of the car park (commonly known as the Notcutts part). The barriers will be managed by Tesco staff and lowered during the evening, when Notcutts is closed. There will also be some additional steel bollards to prevent vehicles from passing over the bays and into other parts of the car park; there are already such as signposts and trees.

I took these photographs a few weeks ago and hope they help explain where the barriers and bollards are going.

The rational for this is that the boy racers/car enthusiasts do not go onto the lower part of the car park and even though this area will remain open there is far more car park furniture and other vehicles parked there that will hopefully deter any future meetings.

The work will cost about £6,000 and will be paid for by Tesco. It is hoped the work will be completed by Thursday 26 November.

I have posted three photographs sent to me by Tesco’s where similar barriers have been established at one of their other locations. These have been found to be successful in halting unwanted visitors to their stores. I suspect the barriers need not be as high as the ones shown because the entrance/exits at the Monkspath store are not so wide. In addition, as previously stated a large number bollards may not be needed because of other furniture on the car park.

I thank Tesco’s and Notcutts for their commitment to get this done. They have worked so hard to address the needs of local residents and make the local environment safe for all users of the car park.


4 thoughts on “BOY RACERS UPDATE

  1. Ermmmm. What about Johnsons Coaches customers who park on the Notcutts bits? Will they be returned to a barriered off car park?

    1. Barriers will be at the top part and the larger part of the car park will be available. I also feel Tesco’s will not be putting barriers up as soon as Notcutts is shut so everyone can be catered for.

      1. Thanks for the very quick response!
        Don’t know if you are aware of the arrangement Johnsons have with Notcutts? Just in case you’re not.
        Johnsons Day excursions pick up and drop off in the “layby” outside Nottcutts entrance; with their customers asked to park as far “up” the Notcutts part of the car park nearer to the petrol station; so as not to take up Notcutts customers spaces near the Garden Centre. We, for example, park in the first row next the entrance road from A34.
        As I understand your tweet, this part will become inaccessible at night?

      2. Thanks for this information Richard it is most helpful and essential that people are not inconvenienced through these measures. I will ensure both store managers are aware and that they can coordinate necessary action.

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