Dickens Heath Parking – Petition update

Earlier this year, following discussion with traders on Main Street, Dickens Heath I organised a petition and presented it to Solihull Council. Full details of the petition and the accompanying post can be viewed on the post of 2 February 2015 – https://cllrkenhawkins.co.uk/2015/02/02/main-street-dickens-heath/ . The petition reads ‘ We, the undersigned, petition Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to work with the administrators of the former Parkridge Homes and business owners of Main Street, Dickens Heath to ensure car parking for all residents and business owners of Main Street is sustained to meet their needs’ .

In part, the rationale for the petition was because of the allocation of car parking space behind the Morton’s side of main Street to owners of new apartments being constructed. There was also a call for some sort of timed parking restrictions on Main Street – there was not a consensual view though.

The petition has been examined by officers from Solihull’s Highways Department and is before the Cabinet Member for Highways this Thursday; report is posted here with the relevant paragraph being para. 3.9 : Report from the Head of Highway Services

In brief, the petition refers to development of the area behind Tesco’s which should reveal an additional 15 new parking spaces and the potential 50 excess spaces that will be available when construction of Garden Squares East is completed. The report identifies  the potential requirement for parking restrictions on some part of Main Street to assist traders and deter the practice of long stay parking in front of shops/businesses. The report identifies the current owners of the area, BNP Parabas, will not consider parking restrictions but are actively seeking purchasers for the management of the Village. It is hoped any new owners will consider parking restrictions to assist businesses. The situation will be reviewed in six months time.

I feel the council officers have done as much as they can in the circumstances and when the work behind Tesco’s has been completed there will be no net loss of vehicle space, or very few. It is accepted that the identification of as many as 50 new spaces when Garden Squares East has been completed is still a while away. This though can only be great news – I thank Barney McElholm, Managing Director of Elegant Homes for his work in assisting us here.

I believe we might not have achieved the result without the petition, which brought council officers and developers to work together to allow the development of the site behind Tesco’s and the offer of new spaces within the Garden Squares East development.  It has not brought any immediate parking restrictions on Main Street to assist traders but it is acknowledged this will be an ‘ask’ for potential buyers of the area when the administrators sell it on.

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