“Winter is a difficult time for our vulnerable and elderly citizens, especially when temperatures fluctuate or there is a sustained cold period with both daytime and night time temperatures dropping below freezing. The superb John Lewis Christmas advert, portraying an elderly gentleman on the Moon, looking at civilianisation from afar, can be used as a metaphor to describe how some parts of our own society might be excluded. However, we should not need a telescope to recognise vulnerability, especially when those vulnerable people live with us in our own communities and on our own streets. Extreme cold weather brings with it extreme risks to vulnerable people who may not either have sufficient or suitable heating or do not use it properly or wisely. Some may not recognise the dangers and signs of hyperthermia.

Lets all help identify who may need some support and if we can not help them ourselves guide them to the local agencies that can. Sometimes it may be a simple case of urging our elderly relatives to turn the heating up a notch or two. But it may also need the intervention of other agencies, who will appreciate any calls and would prefer to be notified just in case than find a resident in more distressing circumstances at a later date.


I have left plenty of the above leaflets, which have advice and a temperature gauge contained in them at stores and pharmacies in Cheswick Green, Monkspath and Dickens Heath. Please take one – they are free and might help someone, or even help you to know a loved relative is being looked after.

I hope you find the resources linked to this short clip useful. If you are in any doubt please contact any agency, even myself. Thank you for listening to this video. I wish you all a safe and Happy Christmas, one where we can all play our part in helping keep our vulnerable residents in Solihull and own relatives safe and warm”

Some important websites:

Winter Warmth Helpline




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