Many residents will be aware of the state of the bungalows on Creynolds Lane and this post is to update a post I made on this website on 28 Feb 2014:  https://cllrkenhawkins.co.uk/…/creynolds-lane-derelict-bung…/ ).

Solihull Council has 16 such properties in the borough and dealing with such properties has gathered more attention – rightly so.

I do not want to get into too much detail about the ownership of both bungalows here on social media but it appears both are owned by sisters who are not forthcoming in making the properties good. There is an access to land question if the land behind the properties is ever put forwards for development – but that is not going to happen in the short or medium term (it might be put forward within the new local plan review but will not be accepted for development).

The council is now proactively intent on using powers under the Housing Act for bringing houses up to standard. Both are already subject to Council tax and the maximum surcharge the council can apply in law, but as well as exploring the financial viability in taking compulsory purchase steps the use of Housing Act legislation by the councils Public Protection dept. is seen as a quicker way to get both properties in a better state.

I am seeking timescales for this to be done and will update you accordingly. I hope this helps inform you a bit more.

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