Creynolds Lane – Derelict bungalows

There are two derelict bungalows on Creynolds Lane, Cheswick Green; no’s 28 and 30. One has been void for many years – over 20 I have been told.









The situation is not good for neighbours, blighting their property, and I have made a formal request for the compulsory purchase of both properties. Yes, I know the council does not have lots of cash to throw about but something must be done to ameliorate the situation for local residents and pedestrians. I do not have any specific answer to what can be done, but I shall be pressing for the council do as much as it can.

Copy of letter here: Creynolds Lane

2 thoughts on “Creynolds Lane – Derelict bungalows

  1. Further to the above – I have received this information from the council legal officers:

    ‘…If the authority wanted to proceed with this then, given there are likely to be a number of properties like this around the borough, then it would be sensible to have some form of policy or strategy in place to support the rationale for using the powers and acquiring the property’.

    This means the council’s Asset management Group will be forming some sort of policy for the council to deal with such properties in the borough. I will update you when I hear more.

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