This winter has seen severe rainfall throughout the UK and many parts of Solihull have been affected with flooding. One particular area of Blythe ward does give me concern; residential properties adjoining Mount Brook, Cheswick Green. There is a history of gardens being flooded when the brook (a tributary of the River Blythe) breaks its banks.

The images below were taken by householders following the rainfall of the night of 8 March 2016:

Added to residents concerns is the development of Mount Dairy Farm (off Tanworth Lane) which will see some 220 new houses on land that also adjoins Mount Brook, but on the other side of properties in Willow Drive, Coppice Walk and Saxon Wood Road (which has been subject to flooding). This development, by Bloor Homes, has begun, with Phase One in progress. Development was allowed via the Local Development Plan (LDP) when flood attenuation measures have been identified.

On paper the measures do appear to be extensive, with flood areas, swales and ponds being created. I do believe that once the measure are in place this will add betterment to the present situation to residents. However, these measures are still being established but are likely to be installed after Phase One has been completed – some 12/18 months away and with the winter of 2015/16 seeing incredible rainfall in the UK it is expected that all flood measures in the UK should be reviewed. I am asking that both Solihull Council and Bloor Homes review the conditions of planning application 2014/1163 and bring forward all or part of the flood attenuation measures before the on-set of next winter (2016/17). Planning application report: 20141163 – Report by Head of Development Management

I will be liaising with both the Council and Bloor Homes accordingly. but at the request of local residents have created an -on-line petition calling for the flood attenuation works to be brought forward. The petition can be accessed via: https://www.change.org/p/solihull-metropolitan-borough-council-and-bloor-homes-flooding-in-cheswick-green-solihull?recruiter=304412357&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_for_starters_page&utm_term=des-lg-no_src-no_msg&fb_ref=Default

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