RECYCLING – An update

This post is to just refresh messages about recycling and confirm what can go and what can not go into the recycling bins, especially the fortnightly Brown Bin.


My last post about recycling was on 1 June this year. That post went into detail about costs and the reasons why some bins were left uncollected. It explained issues surrounding contamination. That post can be viewed vis this link:

Since then the council commissioned a short video to help explain things. We used children from Coles Heath School, Chelmsley Wood. This video, which should be viewed, even just for the fun value is reposted here:

What must NOT go into the Brown Bin:

We will not empty bins/sacks which contain the following:

  • plastic carrier bags
  • newspaper supplements still in plastic packaging
  • crisp packets
  • cellophane/bubble wrap
  • polystyrene
  • plant pots
  • food
  • glass
  • tissues and kitchen roll
  • household waste
  • cards with glitter or foil
  • nappies
  • metal i.e. cutlery or paint tins
  • hard plastics i.e. CDs, DVDs, toys or sweet tubs
  • clothes or textiles
  • wallpaper
  • plastic film
  • food pouches (e.g. pet food pouches)

What CAN go into the Brown Bin:

Your recycling should still be loose in your bin so that it will fall out easily when it’s emptied.

  • newspapers, magazines, telephone directories, catalogues
  • junk mail, envelopes, greeting cards
  • shredded paper (please place inside a used envelope or wrap in newspaper)
  • cardboard food boxes and egg boxes
  • toilet or kitchen inner cardboard rolls
  • corrugated card
  • food and drink cartons such as juice, milk and soup
  • household plastics such as drinks bottles, shampoo bottles, cleaning bottles, make-up cleanser bottles and washing up liquid bottles
  • food and drink cans/tins
  • metal caps and lids
  • food trays and tubs (e.g. fruit punnets, trays from microwave meals)
  • yogurt pots
  • aerosol cans
  • clean foil

I hope this post helps explain things more.

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