A little known gem in the borough is the Wellbeing Service provided through Solihull Community Housing (SCH). What some people may have thought, including myself, is that the service is for clients of SCH; This is not so.

The full range of services provided can be viewed on their web pages via this link: https://www.solihullcommunityhousing.org.uk/Home/Tenants/SCHWellbeing/

Most of us will probably know someone who may need some assistive technology or assistance in their day-to-day living and here at the Wellbeing Centre there is help.

You may not know the value of assistance available for elderly residents or vulnerable people. You may be able to get some expert advice before buying some of these items. This will avoid expense only to find the item bought was not really suitable.



‘Run by Solihull Council in partnership with Solihull Clinical Commissioning group and SCH Wellbeing, The Better Living Centre works to provide support to elderly adults, young disabled adults or carers. It gives free impartial advice from trained staff and demonstrations of useful gadgets, adaptations and equipment’.

A range of equipment they have to assist is shown below:

The Better Living Centre is located at:
Unit 4, Elmdon Trading Estate, Bickenhill Lane, Solihull B37 7HE (just past the airport turn off).

A video showing more of the Better Living Centre can be viewed on their website but is reproduced here: https://youtu.be/qRzt106XFkU

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