Always a difficult subject and one not to be taken lightly following the decision by the House of Commons to vote themselves a 10% pay rise earlier this year.

The issue about Allowances for Councillors is sometimes complex. Should people get an allowance for a task they are willing to undertake? Should the allowance be substantial enough to enable someone to devote their full time to the tasks? If you do not offer sufficient allowances what type of candidate will you expect?  These, and many other arguments can and will be debated.

Interestingly, paragraph 6.1.2  of the full report reads ‘The Panel acknowledges that the role of Councillors depends on a sense of social responsibility and public service and that they are motivated to a significant extent by a sense of public good. Nevertheless, those who decide to stand for election should not be required to make unreasonable sacrifices in their private lives’. The full report, providing details of the Independent Remuneration Committee can be read here:  irp-report-to-smbc-16-17

In brief, there is an increase on allowances and the report also recognises members themselves refused to accept a recommended increase a few years back and that there has been no change since 2010/11 municipal year.


The covering report and a short version that will go before the Councils Governance Committee next week can be found here: independent-remuneration-panel-review-of-members-allowances and proposed-new-16-17-allowances-scheme

Any recommendation has to be ratified by Full Council when it meets on Tuesday 6 December. It will be an interesting debate.




    1. That is so kind of you Rohan. see so much great work being done by colleagues ( from all main political parties) not only in Solihull but throughout the UK. We must strive harder to engage more effectively with all residents.

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