Planning Application PL/2016/02759/PPFL refers to the – Erection of 54 dwellings following the granting of outline permission 2014/1163/S (PL/2014/01985/OLM) for 220 dwellings for land at Tanworth Lane, Cheswick Green, Solihull. | Land Adjacent To Mount Farm Tanworth Lane Shirley Solihull.

In brief, permission was granted to for the erection of 220 houses (subject to reserved matters within phase 2 of the development) and now we see the submission of Phase 2 and 2a with an application to increase the total number of dwelling by 54. The link to the council’s planning portal where you can access documents is shown here:

Here is the site location plan: pl_2016_02759_ppfl-phase_2a_location_plan-582613

Shown below is a document I forwarded to Cheswick Green Parish Council a few weeks ago. The document is basically my notes following a meeting with representatives of Bloor Homes, their agents and a council planning officer. It is meant to be pragmatic, although some might accuse me of rolling over to satisfy developers. However, as with all law, planning law is a minefield and recognition of decrees from central government (in respect of the need for more houses) and the penalties imposed through the planning inspectorate if local authorities make perverse objections. The section ‘The Bottom Line’ gives my thoughts ‘ Extra 54 homes: I feel this will not be too much a barrier for the planning department and suspect the planning inspectorate will take short shrift if the local authority refuses more affordable houses being built within an existing development footprint. There is a genuine need for these houses and one complaint I do have when trying to justify development is that ‘most of the houses are not affordable and are 4/5 bedroom houses’. The document can be read here: notes-from-meeting-with-bloors-and-planning

What is significant is that a decrease of 4/5 bedroom houses will see an increase in 2 bedroom houses. These will be deemed as ‘affordable’ and I doubt any planning inspector in the country will object to affordable houses being built. This is my presumption but I feel this is soundly based. No objection to the development of much needed affordable houses is likely to succeed, especially if the footprint of the original permitted development is not increased and the area for open public green space remains the same as well.

Below is a photograph showing the previously agreed plans with the new proposals:


Other documents can be read here. These include the consultation leaflet, flood risk assessment, and final consultation report: pl_2016_02759_ppfl-flood_risk_assessment_addendum-october_2016-584540pl_2016_02759_ppfl-phase_2_001_final_consultation_report-582615

Having stated the above I seek resident’s views and thoughts on the proposals.




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