Travellers – incorrect reporting

The borough saw about ten illegal encampments in 2016, with one group being a particular problem for police, local authority and residents in Shirley. I do intend to blog in the coming days about how Solihull Council and Police are the forefront of tackling illegal encampments in the region. However, following the recent reporting in the Solihull News/Birmingham Mail I feel I need to put the record straight.

Yes, there is an illegal trespass on land at the Tudor Grange Sports Centre, Solihull. They have not heeded requests to vacate the site and court proceedings will take place on Monday morning to obtain an order to enforce the removal of the few caravans that have remained at the site.


What is not great through is the report in this weeks Solihull News by a reporter claiming there are travellers camped on Hillfield Local Nature Reserve, Monkspath. This is not the case. There is also a report of a tweet I made. This relates to when travellers came to the park last October, following their eviction from the Audi Motors site, Shirley. You can read the full report of that visit on my website here:

It is a shame there has been no retraction from the reporter, even though I have contacted her via twitter to make her aware of the inaccuracies of the report. It is a shame also because when travellers come many do get upset and any inaccurate reporting does not help the local authorities in addressing concerns of residents.



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