At my decision making session on 3 October I approved a recommendation to market a new development of shared ownership houses on Richmond Road, Olton.

This development has been brought together by the Homes and Community Agency, Waterloo Homes, Solihull Community Housing and Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council. The report relating to this decision can be read here: ehr-cabinet-richmond-road-revised-version

What is great about this development is that is creates affordable houses for Solihull young people. National guidelines means that first priority must go to serving military personnel and former members of the British Armed Forces (‘Former’ means persons discharged from service in the last two years).  Beyond this, a very simple approach is recommended for first sales that gives priority to people living in Solihull and then to those working in or with a local connection to Solihull. Only then will other applicants be considered.

Waterloo Homes have marketed the houses on  their website, which can be found here:


There are conditions to rule out those with an household income in excess of £80,000. The rationale of this approach is to provide opportunities for local people to access home ownership, support the local economy and help make best use of affordable housing in the borough.


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