The Economic Plan for Shirley sets out a shared vision for Shirley town centre – for local communities, visitors, businesses, and stakeholders. It is designed to respond to both the challenges facing the town centre and the opportunities available. shirley_economic_plan


As the document outlines, Shirley plays a critical role in the Solihull economy. The town centre is a major local centre occupying a prime location on the A34 corridor connecting Junction 4 of the M42 with Birmingham City Centre. Shirley is also an important centre providing services to visitors and shoppers from a wide catchment area including Wythall and Hollywood to the south west, Acocks Green and Billesley to the north and north west and Catherine-de-Barnes to the east.

Regeneration is within my portfolio on the council and I am so pleased we are getting their with Shirley at this time.

“We must maximise the benefits of future investment, and also respond to the challenges facing the town centre and the opportunities available.

“I urge local residents and businesses to take the time to read the draft Shirley Economic Plan and let us know what they think, so we can ensure a successful and sustainable future for Shirley.”

The direct link to the survey can be found here:


One thought on “ECONOMIC PLAN for SHIRLEY

  1. Shirley future:

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the “Shirley” plan. I did complete the survey form but thought I would share with you a couple of very simplistic , but ,I think, practical comments that I submitted.


    14 Knowlands Road

    The plan is over optimistic on the retail priorities with insufficient weight given to the changes in shopping habits, eg. online, nearby retail parks , and is silent on the current predominance of “charity” type shops that proves the point. Apart from the ASDA section, that is also surrounded by “low end” shopping outlets, there is not likely to be changes in that position.

    Transport & the A34 corridor is the predominant factor in attracting investment retail or other to Shirley. An opportunity was missed when the ASDA development was undertaken by not rerouting the A34 to the rear of the current road and pedestrianizing the old road – providing an opportunity for a other social activities and a large & viable street market, that is missing from the current local SOLIHULL environment. Given the embedding of the A34 through the centre , priority should be given to 1) using some of the very wide pavements on Stratford Road to install bus pull ins to free traffic flows & 2) making no right turn provision between Haslucks Green Road & Union Road, again to improve traffic flow & routing all ” u” turns around the two islands at these locations – this would be simple & must be relatively cheap to provide better traffic flow very easily.

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