A Road Safety Strategy for Solihull

This is before the Cabinet Member for Highways at this decisions session on Thursday.

The strategy can be viewed here road-safety-strategy-2017-30     It might seem a boring subject matter to some but this document, together with Solihull Connected, will inform how the borough adapts to increasing numbers of residents, even more car and other vehicle owners, as well as housing and commercial envelopment. The officers report introducing the strategy, explaining the rationale and general issues is here: report-from-the-head-of-highway-services

The development of this latest road safety strategy takes account of the most recent thinking and considers the emerging national, regional and local policy objectives as well as taking account of the lessons learnt over the past five years.

The strategy is an integral part of the wider reaching transport plans established in Solihull Connected solihull_connected_delivery_plan_2016-2036   and has a balanced approach that takes account of other Council and Safer Solihull objectives, particularly those relating to health and wellbeing. Within that context, the aim of this strategy is to minimise the number of people in Solihull who are injured in road traffic collisions, set out our expectations on performance and shows how road safety will be developed.

One thing I am proud of is the borough has some of the safest roads in the country. I read a report two years ago which showed Solihull was the third safest of all other local authorities in the UK when measured by number of injury accidents per road distance. The chart shown below gives a snapshot in comparison with neighbouring areas by way of population numbers:


We must though not be complacent and strive to ensure we are as safe as we can be. Design of vehicles and the highway has certainly played a big part in reducing the numbers of accidents and their severity. A big aspect that needs to be continually focussed on to deliver even better safety on our roads is driver behaviour.

Data providing details of injury accidents for all authorities in the UK for 2015 can be viewed here: copy-of-ras30008-casualties-by-la

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