Safer Solihull Partnership papers

Many will have realised there has been a spike in burglaries in Solihull since the start of the year. Having been the victim of burglary I know how invasive this can be. Even worse, I was burgled whilst at Birmingham Crown Court giving evidence. I was though content to know I arrested the git a few weeks later and he went to prison.

The snap shot below is taken from the papers giving the quarterly performance for the Solihull Safer Partnership. You will note the reference to a 40% spike in burglaries.


A fuller picture of the quarterly performance can be read here: 7-q3-2016_17-current-performance

I have been informed by Solihull Police the spike has been abated somewhat, following arrests and overt/covert operations. We still though need to make our homes more secure to deter burglars.

We can do this by making sure doors are locked, with keys out of site. We can make sure windows are locked, not left open.  We can also hide valuables out of sight from passers-by. How about marking your valuables as well? Fantastic advice can be found via the Crimestoppers website, which is linked here:

One campaign that has been set up is highlighting the use of Timer Switches, encouraging residents to use timers to switch on lamps/lights in the later afternoon/early evening. This is a proven method that does deter crime. I posted about this yesterday:




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