The state of adult social care funding

Just a few months old but this report from the Local Government Association can be considered a detailed and accurate report about the issue.

Pretty well all councils in the UK have increased council tax this month, using the precept to fund adult social care financial pressures. This report outlines how local authorities view the issue: LGA Adult Social Care

‘The situation now is critical and it is no exaggeration to say that our care and support system is in crisis. But what shape is that crisis taking, and how can we move away from it and towards a position of being best able to maximise people’s quality of life and support their wellbeing? This publication offers valuable thinking on these questions from senior figures from across the wider sector. Their perspectives make for sobering reading, setting out the sheer scale of the damage done from the historic underfunding of adult social care. But what also shines through is a belief in what care and support could be if its foundations were strengthened and its profile was commensurate with its real value to our communities.’

Well worth a read.


One thought on “The state of adult social care funding

  1. I really hope that people see a genuine improvement in the support from social care. My daughter had an £3.20 increase in her DLA (a month) only for the contribution towards her support to increase by £4.20 (a month). On top of this the hourly rate of her carer has gone up by £1.00 an hour. She has about 15 hours a month so she is now far worse off. I’ve been trying to speak to a social worker since January will no luck and she only has 12 weeks left in education before she leaves for good. I have always had some sympathy with social care as I realise what an incredibly demanding job it is. So please fund then, support them, and help them to help those less able and vulnerable. And I include carers too as they are equally as vulnerable, tired, overwhelmed and exhausted. Thank you reading this. Liz

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