Appeal re HGV’s on Rumbush Farm dismissed

An extremely pleasing result for residents of Tidbury Green, especially those living on Rumbush Lane and Norton Lane.

This issue revolves around the use of former farm buildings in Rumbush Lane, Tidbury Green where previously permission had been given for some buildings to be converted into holiday accommodation and some light industrial/office use. However, Furey’s Haulage had been using the site for parking heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), and has done so since 2011, as the appeal application was retrospective.  The application indicated permission is sought for the parking of five HGVs.

The retrospective application was refused by Solihull Planning Committee because the site is in the green belt. There was also consideration of the impact of the number of HGV vehicles in this part of a rural and residential area.

The applicants appealed and the decision notices are attached. In brief; the appeal was refused with the planning inspector concluding  ‘the HGV parking use is inappropriate development in the Green Belt.  Such development is, by definition, harmful to the Green Belt and should not be approved except in very special circumstances’. See decision notice here: Decision

An even better result for the council is that the request for costs to be awarded to Solihull Council was also refused: Costs Decision

It remains to be seen if the applicants appeal to the High Court. I will be seeking advice from our officers as to whether the usage of HGV’s can continue pending an appeal.

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