Multi Agency Vehicle Operations, Solihull

I have received this message from Solihull Police and can share this good news more widely.


“I wanted to update you all regarding the partnership work to tackle burglary offences in Solihull. We have seen offence numbers fall significantly in the last month. They are now below the usual level that we see at this time of year.

Our work will continue to drive offence numbers down further and we will keep everyone updated regarding successful arrests and convictions. We are keeping our communities up to date on WMNOW  as well as social media.

Attached are the results of a Multi Agency Vehicle Operation that was carried out this week. These operations will take place in all areas of Solihull in the coming months and we will continue to share the results of those operations with you.”

You will see the operation involved officers and representatives from; West Midlands Fire Service (Blue Watch and Solihull Watch Commander), Solihull Licensing Department, Solihull Trading Standards, Solihull Neighbourhood Services including the community manager & Co-ordinator, NSL Civil Parking enforcement team, a representative from urban heard (youth engagement specialists) & West Midlands Police (neighbourhood teams including LEOS, & St Alphege together with the partnerships team & the Solihull Commander). The full report can be read here:  Mave 29th March 2017 Councillors update


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