Wild flower hedgerows in Solihull

Land changes out of the blue is the headline for the council press release, which reads;

Eagle-eyed residents who have seen some areas of land in Solihull turn blue recently may be wondering why.

The reason is that recycled denim has been used to help wildflower seeds to germinate.

Solihull Council has identified sites across the borough for growing wildflower and during April, seeds have been sown using a technique called hydro-seeding. The seed is sprayed onto the ground with recycled denim fibres as this helps to retain moisture and allow the seeds to germinate.

It is anticipated the wildflowers will be in bloom from July to November. The areas of land have been selected according to their size, visibility, access and growing conditions.

They are: A452/Birmingham Road island, Winchester Drive/Bosworth Drive, Maxstoke Lane/Birmingham Road island, Kineton Lane/A4300 Stratford Road island, Lowbrook Way open space, Bickenhill Lane/Airport Way island, Bentley Heath Park, and Malvern Park.

The one closest to Blythe ward is at the corner of Kineton Lane and Stratford Road (opposite Box Trees Farm). This was a pilot area last year and was fabulous all summer and autumn.

I sincerely hope we can commission even more next year.

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