Stanbrook Road – parking issues

Just to update residents in the area of Stanbrook Road, following a meeting I had with people at Listers Land Rover Dealership, Stratford Road.


As residents in the area will know, since Tesco, Monkspath adopted a maximum three hour parking period on their car park (quite understandably) there has been displacement in vehicles owned by staff at the Listers Dealership being parked on nearby streets. This has caused a certain amount of disruption as well as spoiling the street scene, with vehicles being inconsiderately parked, many for very long periods at a time.

I have met with a representative from Listers and am going to be in contact with them again next week. I am informed there are as many as 60 members of staff at the dealership and they have an agreement with The Harvester (up the road) to park 10 cars there. They are not allowed to use The Plough or Shirley Aquatics (again, quite understandably).

Listers have approached Tesco’s in order to ‘rent’ some space for vehicles but this has been declined by the store. I also know Listers are trying to engage with Shirley Golf Club for renting space.

I am writing to the manager at Tesco asking for him to reconsider his position and will await that response and the response from Shirley Golf Club.

In relation to the original planning consent for the dealership (in 2005) there was a condition that sufficient car parking should be provided (see document via link): Land Rover, Stratford Rd

I have sought advice from the councils’ planning officers in relation to the parking issue. We must though not get too hung up about the conditions because I am aware that some conditions may be relaxed over time.

I will update residents in due course. In the meantime I have urged Listers management to ensure their staff park responsibly and be aware they too will not like vehicles being parked outside their own homes all day. I have stressed the need to ensure vehicles, especially waste collection vehicles, can access all areas of Stanbrook Road.

I have been informed anecdotally of some poor behaviour from drivers when spoken to. I wish to know if this is the case so please let me know of details when they occur. Please also be aware that if vehicles are parked responsibly no parking offences are being broken and some staff will probably have empathy with you and wish to find a solution as well.


6 thoughts on “Stanbrook Road – parking issues

  1. Ken,
    Thanks for the update.
    One of the cars that now parks in this area is a black Audi Hatchback: Reg: J8 HXB. This car now parks regularly on Stanbrook Road at the junction with Stapenhall Road and almost on the corner. One side the corner is blind from Stapenhall Road due to a hedge and a large conifer. The position this car is parked in presents a serious risk of a collision for traffic turning into Stanbrook Road.

  2. II agree with our comments John. I live Stapenhall Road today there are 5 cars parked in the road all from listers. I
    have no clear view when I reverse my car off the drive, The situation appears not to be easing but increasing.

  3. We have the same problem as in order to turn into our drive we are on the wrong side of the road due to cars parked opposite which means if someone is coming out of Fullbrook close…accident waiting to happen. I also share concerns re Stapenhall parking as yesterday I was coming down intending to turn top right just as a car turned left from Stanbrook on the wrong side of the road…emergency stop by both of us!!

  4. I agree with Kens and others comments hsd a near crash turning out of fullbrook close as i reside there. Also last week a cyclist got cut off due to blind spots created by these guys parking there From land rover dealer

  5. we are having trouble up by us now in monksparth close as well with Listers staff from honda and audi parking there cars in are close and parking on bends and taking up all the parking in the close so friends and family have to park miles way i would very much like some think done about this
    the regs of these cars are and i have photos of there bad parking as well
    and there is one that has a reg that says fast fr as well

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