Stanbrook Road area – car parking issues

This post is a follow-up to one I posted on 5 May, which can be read here:

I will reconnect with Listers next week but I have to report that a letter I hand delivered to Tesco’s, (seeking them to agree with Listers a contract whereby some staff can use their car park for an arranged fee) was incorrectly responded to me by a Tesco’s store manger  – the letter referred to a service issue at the petrol station that I have no knowledge of. I can post that letter when  have scanned it – bizarre to say the least.

I can deal with this issue next week but I have to report I am not convinced an arrangement between Tesco’s and Listers for use of the car park will follow. I therefore propose that residents call upon Solihull Council to enforce planning condition no. 5 when permission was given to the then applicants, Land Rover, in 2005. The decision notice can be read here: Land Rover decison notice .

I have drawn up a petition that can be presented at Full Council on 11 July and respectfully suggest to residents that are affected by the on-street car parking that this is the best way forward for the time being. Hopefully it will focus minds and raise the importance of such conditions being established and then enforced. A snapshot of the petition is shown below:


The full petition can be downloaded and printed off here: Listers Petition        I ask that residents in and around the top end of Stanbrook Road, to include Fullbrook Close, Bowbrook Avenue, Stapenhall Road and Kerswell Drive, print off the petition and get their family members, frequent visitors and neighbours to put their names to it. It would be great if one or two (or more) residents start the process and contact neighbours accordingly.

Myself and Alex would value some assistance in gathering names and we will be in a position next week to come and knock doors ourselves. However, the more than can be done to assist will certainly be welcomed as it will help us to focus our efforts.


4 thoughts on “Stanbrook Road area – car parking issues

  1. Unfortunately I’m away until July 14 th so not able to go around knocking on doors till I get back which could be too late for your council meeting.Hopefully someone else affected will do this I’m not the only one who has been vocal!
    I have already had a message from someone who wants to be added to the petition which I can pass on to whoever! Hi

  2. Hi Ken Alan and I thought we might go door to door tomorrow evening to see if we can get signatures on the petition. Hope that is alright with you. Our address is 74 Stanbrook and tel no. is 246 6586. Al’s mobile 07900226111 Regards Jane

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  3. Hi Ken What was the reaction at the meeting last night Have we got a chance to sort our parking problem out?thanks and regards Alan Darby

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  4. Unfortunately the Lister’s staff have forgotten their previous reassurances about not letting their staff park in Stanbrook Rd, and are back parking again. One of the worst offenders is the lady with the discovery, whom I have been advised is senior management. what chance have we got when Listers management don’t even follow their own instructions? Small wonder three kids can climb a wall and burn 12 cars, when the managers are that poor!!

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