Hillfield Local Nature Reserve – a walk near Monkspath

There are still a lot of local people who are not aware of the walk via the ridgeway in Hillfield Local Nature Reserve. The circular walk, which you can start at several points but I do so near to the footbridge over the stream close to the lake, is about a mile in length and is great for youngsters because of the terrain (walking through wooded areas at the side of the park). After walking through the wooded areas, along a rugged pathway, you access the park itself near to the Solihull Municipal Club and follow the footpath or grassed area back to the start. There are refreshments stops at the Municipal Club and nearby Fieldhouse Pub.


The map (above) outlines the walk in relation to the park/local nature reserve and the video collection (below) shows various points of the ridgeway. Fauna to see includes wild orchids.

One thought on “Hillfield Local Nature Reserve – a walk near Monkspath

  1. Thanks Ken, tried this today in the morning, perhaps not the best time to try after all this rain we’ve had. So, a bit muddy in places but still easily navigable. Very pleasant, almost a different world, no one else on the path today from the stream end to the car park end, when I took it.

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