The Noise App

We all have some inconvenience from noise now and again, and who hasn’t held a party or gathering of some sort that hasn’t gone on into the early hours? However, although these ‘one-off’ events are generally accepted there are some people who suffer a great deal of unnecessary and anti-social behaviour type noise.

As Councillors we usually suggest to residents they log each event , describing the noise, time of day/night etc. What we have at our disposal now is a ‘NOISE APP’.

Noise App

This is run by Solihull Community Housing (SCH) and I have witnessed how they operate the system – and it is great. By recording the noise via a smart phone or iPad the said noise is sent directly to SCH where there Anti Social Behviour (ASB) team listen to and grade the noise, giving feedback to the callers. This evidence is then used to generate the next level of intervention, whereby calibrated recording machines are set up to provide the level of evidence for any court of tribunal.

I have posted a diagram showing how it is accessed but further information can be found by visiting the SCH website via this link:

This App is not just used for social housing, where the landlord has certain responsibilities and powers; Noise can be anti social for all.

What the Noise App does is filter out the non-genuine or malicious calls, especially where neighbours do not get on. It is a great tool for use by people who do suffer a great deal, affecting their daily life and health.

If you know somebody who may benefit from this service please pass this information on to them.



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