M42 Junction 6 Improvement Scheme

Many will have no doubt heard or read about Highways England preferred route announcement for Junction 6 of the M42. This area is in need of improvement and any increase in passenger number at the Airport, as well as the proposed development of Arden Cross and the HS2 Interchange means measures must be taken to reduce the impact on the junction and surrounding assets. The documents can be read here: m42-j6-preferred-route-announcement_web

Consequences: The fall out from this decision must surely include the withdrawal of the hold put on the Motorway Service Station planning applications by Highways England. I did post something about the application last year and more information can be found via this link: https://cllrkenhawkins.co.uk/2016/06/20/proposal-for-new-motorway-service-area/ . I suspect the existing applications for a service station near Junction 5 (Catherine de Barnes) and one at Junction 4 (at Stratford Rd) will now be ‘live’ and need to be determined.

The actual site is just outside the boundary of Blythe ward (it is within Dorridge and Hockley Heath) but it does have consequences for the ward if successful.

Since the proposals were first published planning permission for 1000 homes and further commercial activity on Blythe Valley Business Park has been approved. In addition, an existing application for further commercial development at Fore Business Park has yet to be determined. Further development along Stratford Road will include a care facility on the soon to be vacant Shirley Aquatics site and a proposal for a large Mercedes dealership.

I understand the need for a service station on the M40/M42 in and around Solihull but the proposals for one at Junction 4 would bring far too much pressure on the junction, the traffic island, Stratford Road, as well as the business parks at Blythe Valley and Fore Business Park. To be clear, a motorway service station at this location will undo the local and regional economic benefits accrued through existing and planned development in this area and must therefore fail.


4 thoughts on “M42 Junction 6 Improvement Scheme

  1. All the facilities needed at a service station are already available at junction 4 M42. So there is no need for a specific service station maybe just better signage and or upgrading of existing services at the Tesco site. Tesco and the businesses along the Stratford Road are missing business opportunities by not advertising at roadside along the M42 & A34 to increase awareness of their locality to junction 4. I’m surprised SMBC aren’t renting out signage locations at junction 4 or the Tesco roundabout directing trade to A34 Stratford Road, Park Gate & Touchwood.

    1. Sorry, this s a non-starter because we just can not have the hundreds/thousands of extra vehicles coming up and down the A34 in an area that is devoted to shopping by mostly local residents.

  2. Is there really a need for a motorway services? Is it a legal need for a motorway or just to keep commuters happy?
    surely there should be some work done into improving the local road network over motorways that seem to be the better roads in the country.

  3. Sounds great to me. Get it started. Being a lorry driver there are on services for us to park in along that part of motorway. Yes Junction 10 Tamworth and I think it’s Junction 2 of the M5. More jobs into the area is also a good thing.

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