West Midlands Fire Service – Report for Solihull MBC

This report was presented to Solihull Full Council yesterday evening, it can be viewed via this link: WMFS Solihull report

The report examines the Fire Service Plan and a visit to the West Midlands Fire Service website has plenty of information, especially on fire prevention: https://www.wmfs.net/

In the borough you will find the report looks at prevention work the service has done with young people and families, especially their Road Casualty Reduction Team. They also report on their core offer of a ‘Safe and Well’ check. There is an excellent section looking at ‘YOUR SAFETY’ – https://www.wmfs.net/your-safety/

Well worth a read, especially as we approach Bonfire Night and the time of year we tend to have candles lit in our homes.

Also, after you have read this why don’t you take a minute to check the Smoke detectors in your home are fit for purpose? You do have some don’t you?

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