Making or homes secure, locking doors and windows, is vital in deterring burglars. Another method is trying to make it look as though someone is at home, whether you are at work or away for a time.

Most burglaries appear to take place in the late afternoon and early evenings (when it is dark). Here, the use of a timer to switch on lamps in the home can only be of benefit. The campaign has certainly got my attention and I have dusted off the timers in my house and also my mothers. Just like a smoke detector, timers are useless if not used for their purpose.

I have acquired 50 timers from the Safer Solihull Partnership and intend to distribute them in Blythe ward. I have already received permission to locate some at Monkspath Surgery and Pharmacy; in Dickens Heath at the Coffee Cloud and pharmacy. Similarly, Cheswick Green pharmacy will have some. These will be FREE to anyone who feels they can use them.

The issue here is not that these are free. I do hope those who can easily afford to buy some (they can be purchased very cheaply at many DIY stores) will allow those less fortunate or vulnerable have access to them first. The main issue here is the promotion of Crime Prevention in our own homes and buying a timer for a few £’s can help you vulnerable relatives/neighbours at least feel more secure.
If you can use one, or know an elderly relative or vulnerable person who may benefit from a timer please visit one of these locations.

More about the Safer Solihull Partnership can be found via this link: http://www.solihull.gov.uk/solihullpartnership

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