Do we really want a Costa Coffee in Dickens Heath?

A bit of an issue, especially as Dickens Heath is served by Mortons (which is a really nice restaurant that serves coffee), The Chalice (that also provides coffee), a Tesco Express (that has a take-a-way Costa Coffee) and the wonderful Coffee Cloud – an independent coffee shop. All these establishments are on Main Street, Dickens Heath. To add to these establishments are Giovanni’s (an Italian Restaurant) and an Indian restaurant. I think you will glean from this there are enough coffee providers – and I love coffee.


There is a planning application for a Costa Coffee shop on Main Street and I think this is over-kill and poses a threat to the wonderful independent ‘Coffee Cloud’ and Mortons. I have therefore written to the applicants and their agent asking them to withdraw the application (see letters posted here): Mr George AbuaitaMr Kamlesh Singh . I will also contact the Estates Manager, asking him to think about the consequences of allowing another (national) company opening a coffee shop on Main Street.

The documents relating to the application can be found here:  PL_2017_02955_PPFL-APPLICATION_FORM_NO_PERSONAL_DATA-788175  PL_2017_02955_PPFL-PLANNING_STATEMENT-788170  PL_2017_02955_PPFL-PROPOSED_FLOOR_PLAN-788168  PL_2017_02955_PPFL-LOCATION___BLOCK_PLANS-788171

I am not opposed to Costa Coffee as an organisation but feel the intrusion into Dickens Heath is unwarranted and would pose a threat to existing service providers. I say ‘No to Costa Coffee in this instance’ and will be supporting Tim and Deana at Coffee Cloud. It would be absolutely tragic for a wonderful independent trader to be put out of business by a global brand. I have suggested in my letter to the applicants where it may be possible for them to grow their business. Lets ask them to leave Dickens Heath alone.

Do you agree?


6 thoughts on “Do we really want a Costa Coffee in Dickens Heath?

  1. I disagree as more people coming into the village will mean increased business for the other small independents like the card shop and the hairdressers . People who love coffee cloud will still use it . This has been proven by Costa entering Knowle high street . The other coffee shops have survived ! Costa makes Dickens Heath more attractive to visitors and investors

    1. Irrespective of whether Costa comes to Dickens Heath or not, it is difficult to see how new business would be attracted into the Village as there are insufficient car parking facilities for passing traffic. Additionally, existing spaces are not generous and cars get damaged easily by other users.

  2. Many thanks for the comments, two of which I do disagree with, but we are free to comment.

    Main Street, Dickens Heath is far different from Knowle High Street, which has a far greater foot-fall. Dickens Heath has a small foot-fall and being a visitor to the Bread Collection in Knowle (which has a small coffee shop) I know that there is a customer base for the Costa shop opposite. I do though visit ‘Cobblers’ (run by the church when the Bread Collection is full.

    Re employment: that is correct, but not if it means an existing independent has to close – which could happen if enough custom is lost.

    I presume those in favour of Costa Coffee will also be in favour of the planned 1000 or so homes further along Tythe Barn Lane – this will also bring about employment.

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