Cllr Alex Insley

Alex has been a great ward and council colleague and he has made a big contribution to Blythe ward in the time he has served as Councillor.

Just over twelve months ago his father, who lives in Australia, became seriously ill and meant Alex has spent a great deal of time away helping to support his father with initial care and then rehabilitation. In this time I have been in regular contact with Alex and recognise the pain he has been going through. I know through the local Facebook groups he has received many messages of support from residents this last year.

Alex had been able to undertake some ward issues, even emailing council officers during the summer from Australia when travellers descended on our park, however, I do know his decision to stand down as a borough councillor has not been taken lightly and I fully support him, albeit with sadness. He sets extremely high standards and he recognises his father remains very poorly which will mean more visits to help care for him in the next year.

Alex has been involved in some notable issue in the few years he has been a ward councillor and local campaigner. We worked together to combat the boy racers, who used the Tesco car park for large meetings, and our filming of the last large meeting and petition calling for a ban spearheaded the work leading to the eventual County Court injunction. Together we have even been chased away from Hillfield Park when travellers arrived and threatened us both. Alex has also been extremely adept at using social media to help inform residents about on-going issues. I will certainly miss Alex as a ward councillor and sincerely hope his father eventually regains his health to allow Alex to return to do what he is really good at – serving the residents of Solihull.

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