HILLFIELD PARK – Woodland Management

Work will be undertaken to manage the woodland in Hillfield Park beginning 22 January and likely to finish by 5 February.
In short, the work will take place in the area of the ridge and it is unlikely the rest of the park will be affected. I am though sure areas of the ridge will be out-of-bounds because of the heavy machinery being used.
Solihull’s Habitat Leaflet, explaining more about the project in the borough can be read via this link: Habitat leaflet final (2)

Why are we cutting down the trees?

  1. Removing trees allows light to reach the woodland floor which encourages plants such as bluebells to grow which in turn supports pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies.
  2. The woodland is being managed, which involves selective thinning of trees. This is being done to improve the overall health of the woodland, enhance biodiversity and improve access. Woodlands need to contain trees of a variety of species, ages and heights. This variety means that lots of different species of wildlife can find suitable areas to live and thrive within the wood.

Further questions and answers can be found on the fact sheet shown here: Woodland Management FAQs MDE

Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

5 thoughts on “HILLFIELD PARK – Woodland Management

  1. The woodland area has been finished for almost 4 weeks and whole are has been left in a terrible mess
    The damage by heavy caterpillar track vehicles has left large areas of the park looking a complete mess.
    Can you tell me when we can expect the are to be put back to normal please?

  2. Ken. Did you get an answer from the council to James question about putting right the damage done to the grass and removal of the felled trees, etc. Steve

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